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    Fwd: [RC] The Arabian Breed; how *big* is BIG? - Vallonelee

    --- Begin Message --- In a message dated 9/11/02 12:16:10 PM US Mountain Standard Time, rides2far@xxxxxxxx writes:

    The top of my head is 15.1 hands with my shoes on. Comes in handy when I
    want to argue height.  For some reason I can look over the backs of
    many a "15.2" horse.

    HA!  I think I am the only one that had an Arab end up being BIGGER than they were told on the phone.  When I called about Zarr the owner said he was "maybe 15.2".  Okay I think that gives me a good change of him being 15H.  When I get there I took one look and knew he was bigger.  When I got him home he measured, with a regulation stick and level, 16H 1/2" ! ! !


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