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    [RC] September 11 - Howard Bramhall

    This is a tough day.  I cannot watch it anymore.  Quite frankly, I think I'd rather see the cameras over in Afghanistan, in and around Debbie's tent, to show what we're doing about all this grief.  Or, show one of the young children in DC, looking up to the sky and seeing a fighter jet blast by at low altitude.  "Cool," the kid says to his younger brother, "there goes our Osama buster.  There goes the sound of freedom." 
    Well, it's been a year now since I've come to realize that there are folks scattered around the globe who really do hate us; much more than I ever realized.  Of course, we aren't all that crazy about them either.  Hate is such a miserable way to go through life, don't you think? 
    Earlier, this year, while traveling the Internet, I stumbled upon that Daniel Peal video, the one the terrorists took while he was under their control in Pakistan, and, where they eventually beheaded him.  It's one of the most horrible things I have ever seen on my computer screen.  Hate is such a miserable, depressing, and dangerous emotion.  And, after watching that particular video, I ended up hating the people who perpetrated the act so much, if I were a younger man I'd seriously consider converting to Judaism and joining the Israeli Army. 
    I will never forget what happened on 9/11 and what has happened since then.  I will never forget what those terrorists did to Daniel Pearl, a Jewish American; and I will never forgive them.  Don't ever underestimate our enemy here.  They may be barbaric thugs, but they dream of martyrdom, and those who are willing to give up their life so easily, because of  their hate, should not be taken lightly.  The good news is Hate rarely wins wars, even one as bizarre as this one.  It's the Love of Freedom that will win it for us, and, there is a difference.
    Howard (let's roll)

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