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    [RC] WNV - no longer an abstract threat to anyone - Kristi Schaaf

    goearth@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
    > So now since its been found on the White House Lawn,
    > the underdog of the Race industry, and gotten all
    the > way to Ca. i think its here. wouldn't you?  tom
    I think it must be human nature to not feel something
    is "real" till it hits close to home. I sure didn't
    think much about the 700+ horses in the eastern US
    that got WNV in 2001. Now that I have a horse
    recovering from it, and 3 sad friends whose horses all
    lost the WNV battle within the last few weeks, it's
    VERY real to me. Those of you on the west coast, let
    what's happening in the upper midwest (and the south)
    be your warning. WNV is HERE. As of Sept 8th, 3453
    equine WNV cases have been reported to the USDA for
    2002. Of that 3453, 32% (1093) were reported just in
    the last WEEK. That's a remarkable surge; hopefully
    the numbers will go down soon. Nebraska has been hit
    the worst, with almost 600 cases, and many other
    states, including the Dakotas, Minnesota and Iowa
    aren't far behind. 
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