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    [RC] September 11 - Dbeverly4

    I know this is completely off topic so I'm sorry John (Steph can slap you around when she gets home).  Anyway, this poem sort of goes with the one that Susan asked about.

    Eternal Cry

    We will not wring our hands in fear
    As America takes her stand
    The cry of freedom rings loud and clear
    Forever across this land

    Our hearts will beat in unity
    Our arms are linked and strong
    God Bless America
    Will be our battle song

    We will look to God for peace of mind
    We will know His peace through prayer
    Within our American heart we'll find
    That God has placed courage there

    We will not allow freedom to die
    Nor will we run away
    With pride we will join in battle cry
    God Bless the USA!

    ...©Cheryl Griffin,