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    Re: [RC] Re:a message to jeremy reynolds - Klc5355

    In a message dated 9/10/02 5:23:29 PM Pacific Daylight Time, mykkhill@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

    I Have no idea who Jeremy Reynolds is either, and I also cant believe some-one would attack him with such a vicious e-mail. Obviously some-one who knows NOTHING about horses. Perhaps he/she should consider taking up motor bikes instead!

    Jeremy is Heather Bergantz husband. And he is currently in Spain with her. Jeremy was riding with Heather on his horse Indy and his horse had a heart attack and died. He was a fairly young horse, I think he was 8 or 9 years old. Indy was in excellent shape and had won some rides and gotten some BC's. He was getting ready for the Ride and Tie Championship. The vets felt that he probably had a faulty heart valve and it just failed. He did nothing wrong, just a normal conditioning ride. It could happen to anyone of us on any given day, or even out in the pasture. Jeremy is a talented rider and takes excellent care of his horses and the post that was made regarding him was in very poor taste, and the person who made it needs to crawl back into her hole.
    Ken Cook, AERC West