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    Re: [RC] ROC/NC/Corruption thread - Annie George

     Anne George Saddlery   www.vtc.net/~ageorge  
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    Subject: Re: [RC] ROC/NC/Corruption thread

    Annie, et al
    I know this horse has been beat to death, but I'm going to smack it again.  The personal attacks and juvenile name-calling has to stop.  Yes, I'd like to know people's opinions on the ROC, etc., etc., but dammit, it's hard to wade though all the back-of-the-school bus name-calling to get to the "meat" of the message.  Things on this list frequently remind me of political ads running on TV.  I don't want to hit the "mute button" on Ridecamp.  I subscribed to this list to LEARN.  If I wanted to hear juvenile name-calling, I'd go volunteer to be a playground monitor at the elementary school.  THIS DOES NOT RELATE JUST TO THE DISCUSSIONS OF THE ROC!!!
    I've seen people time and again resort to this behavior whenever a hot-button issue comes up.  We're supposed to be adults here (usually), and it's not setting a good example for the kids on this list if we start acting younger than they do!
    That could have a whole lot to do with what Steph said.  No way would I trade jobs with her -- I don't have the patience!
    Milinda Ellis
    Jewett, Texas

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