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    Re: [RC] ROC/NC/Corruption thread - Milinda Ellis

    Annie, et al
    I know this horse has been beat to death, but I'm going to smack it again.  The personal attacks and juvenile name-calling has to stop.  Yes, I'd like to know people's opinions on the ROC, etc., etc., but dammit, it's hard to wade though all the back-of-the-school bus name-calling to get to the "meat" of the message.  Things on this list frequently remind me of political ads running on TV.  I don't want to hit the "mute button" on Ridecamp.  I subscribed to this list to LEARN.  If I wanted to hear juvenile name-calling, I'd go volunteer to be a playground monitor at the elementary school.  THIS DOES NOT RELATE JUST TO THE DISCUSSIONS OF THE ROC!!!
    I've seen people time and again resort to this behavior whenever a hot-button issue comes up.  We're supposed to be adults here (usually), and it's not setting a good example for the kids on this list if we start acting younger than they do!
    That could have a whole lot to do with what Steph said.  No way would I trade jobs with her -- I don't have the patience!
    Milinda Ellis
    Jewett, Texas
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    Sent: Saturday, August 10, 2002 9:22 AM
    Subject: [RC] ROC/NC/Corruption thread

    Hi Steph, Don't you think that these are the kinds of things that we need to know about? You have no idea of the level of corruption, backstabbing, arm twisting and total lack of integrity that I personally feel is on the rise in  the SW area. It is PATHETIC!!!!!!!  It spills over and affects the entire AERC.  If a person disagrees with the status quo or has any issues at all with absolutely anything, they are called   " liars" - " neurotic" - "insane"- "stupid"-"uneducated"-" unreasonable" uninformed"-"unworthy" - "ungrateful"- "insignificant" and far worse,  and are the brunt of some of the worst screaming cussing verbal attacks I have ever seen in my life, bar none. I am sickened by the gradual lowering of standard over the past few years at SOME of the SW rides. And how SOME  RM's are allowing us, the paying members of AERC to be so abused. ( we still do have some of the best rides in the US)  I don't really consider what Karen said as some kind of empty fly-by accusation. We need to know about these things, and discuss them. Find out the TRUTH. Otherwise all the bad stays hidden in the dark, and AERC and all us little "insignificants" will suffer, and what this sport is supposed to be will be completely lost.   If you allow this thread to run its course, uncensored, the truth will eventually rise to the surface. And we can see for ourselves who is, or is not in error. We the paying members of AERC have every rite to know ALL the facts, ALL the truth, and ALL the lies.  I think we are all to often left in the dark, you know the mushroom thing. Kept in the dark and fed ........well ya know.  So I ask you to reconsider, and let the thread  continue, let the "stuff" float to the top.  Invite everyone involved to state their case.  Sometimes you just have to get down in the mud and the blood and slug it out! I am convinced that what is rite and true will win out. Thanks,  Annie G.    

    [RC] ROC/NC/Corruption thread, Annie George