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    [RC] sore backs again... - Cindi Hein

    Well, this is so strange! It has been four hours since I got home from the training ride when my horse had his sore back. Went out to feed and ran fingers down his back - figuring he was still sore and he wasn't!
    One finger at a time down and I put pretty good pressure and nothing - he's not a bit sore.
    Now, that doesn't make sense to me. My back is still sore on the left side.
    I don't know if I meantioned it or not but, he did get shod three days ago by another farrier. This farrier was his first farrier and then I bought the horse and had a different farrier work on him until he forged so bad he starting pulling front shoes off and so I just now went back to the original farrier. Confused now?? LOL.

    Anyway, he doesn't forge anymore but, I did notice today that he kept bending to the right. When I changed diagonals to the right one, he straightend out but, still wanted to bend to the right. If I go onto the left diagonal, he would really bend to the right and go down the trail crooked.
    At first I thought something was behind him, I stopped and looked - nothing. And anyway, if something was behind him, he would have bent not only to the right but to the left as well to try and look.
    So, I left a message for my farrier to call me so I can pick his brain to see if he can figure this out.

    What's so strange is that his back isn't a bit sore right now - only four hours later. Unless he got tight muscles and they loosened up???
    any ideas - anyone?

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