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    [RC] Miracle Session - Lori Chandler

    <<Anyone on this list have a horse that went through a "miracle" session? Report, please>>

    Around 10 or 11 years ago I apprenticed with John Lyons...what that meant is travel with him for 2 weeks at your own expense.

    The weekends were the Symposiums (where he'd start an unbroke horse) & the following week would be the clinic. A person could put their horse in the clinic & let an apprentice ride it for a lesser cost & audit at the same time. One of the horses I rode was an Arab gelding that John had started in a symposium a year ago. BTW, John tells (or did at the time) the owner of the unbroke horse that the horse is still green after the symposium & to continue on with the education as you would any green horse. Anyway, this horse had gone directly to a local trainer & the owner was not happy...so she was back at a clinic. To me, the horse was like any other green horse that hasn't been handled consistently, nothing horrid or great. Seemed to remember give to the bit quickly & I enjoyed riding him for the clinic.

    The problem I see with these demonstrations, is that the inexperienced horse person may come away thinking these horses are ready to go into a parade (John used to say he would take the unbroke horse in a parade) and they are not.

    I will say this, John Lyons is the most focused & determined person I have ever met. I have no doubt HE could take that unbroke horse into the parade unsafe as that would be...he is just that way. The rest of the human population can't.

    For a while, I thought I could be that kind of horse person & found out I can't.

    Kinda like that Clinton Anderson guy with his "2 year old gelding Scoota " mate ;-P

    Lori, Sky & Houston

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