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    [RC] More on the ROC - Karen

    Well well well, I know the real reason why Randy won't sanction the ROC a week apart and several hundred miles from his own ride. We should have known there was another reason that none of us knew about. Nevermind that there is a 3 day ride much closer to his ride on that same date in the CT region. Good thing they are in a different region or that ride would never have been allowed to go on. We did think it odd that he would not allow a ride in the SW region to go a week apart and several hundred miles away from his own ride, one of which had _zero_ entries in the 100 miler the year before.

    It's because he is in the running to host the National Championship ride! He wants it for *5* years. You see, he knows that moving the NC ride to the west region is going to be a pretty huge task. There are rides nearly every weekend on the ride calendar already (some weekends 2 rides) during the month they want to hold the NC ride. That along with the fact that nobody is exactly jumping up and down wanting to do it. They are considering three rides right now for the next NC location -- Swanton, Red Rock (in Reno), and Randy's ride (the one that he is protecting by not allowing the ROC to go). So even if the West does get it for 2 years, he would then get it back and with the demand he has it for 5 years--and in the meantime, he has to protect that ride on the calendar in the SW region!!

    And, to top it all off, they are not allowing Susan Gibson to speak at the midyear board meeting. They considered her protest a 'moot point' and kept her $100 even though it is a very obvious conflict of interest.

    The politics in this organization really suck.

    Karen Chaton
    AERC #14149

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