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    [RC] speed control - Ridecamp Guest

    A. Perez walkergirl@xxxxxxxxxx
      It's been said before, but I'll say it again, and elaborate: transitions-transitions-transitions.  Your horse wants to GO.
    Let him go for a second, then bring him back - for a second: then reward him by letting him go again.  This way s'he learns that going slower is not 'forever': if I go slow for a bit, I'll be rewarded by being able to go fast again.  My guy has a similar problem simply standing when I ask him to if he's eagar to head home.  He can do an AMAZING canter-in-place: positive dressage material - but unfortunately I want him simply to STOP.  Fighnting him and asking him to stop for any length of time turns into a battle I will definately lose.  So I ask him to stop, and the minute the feet stop moving, I reward him by letting him do what he won't most: to go.  A short way.  then we stop agaion... and so on, each time stoppping for a leeeeetle bit longer.  So he knows that he will, sooner or later get to go, and he settles down.  The same thing can be done with up-and-down transitions.  Walk a little-trot a little. trot-a-little-canter a little.  Soon they figure out you aren't saying "No, you can NEVER go fast" but instead you are saying "Not yet" - it teaches them that patience does get rewarded.
      Now I have a question for those out here who ride gaited horses: how to teach a TWH to cue to a canter from a walk and NOT to counter-canter/cross leads?
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