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    Re: [RC] Speed Control - Rides 2 Far

    >   Take him on a really, really long ride and let him get good and 
    > tired out.  Then take him out the next day, and so forth.  He'll 
    > learn
    He may learn... but in Farnum's Endurance Riding video Mathew Mackay
    Smith discussed this... he said you ride a horse until it is tired, then
    the next day you ride him until he is tired.  But then he said they start
    to get stronger and "may get quite cheerful indeed" (his very words) 
    So...Kaboot's 13 now. I've been taking him on *long* rides ever since he
    was 4.  He never learned, but he HAS become and remained "quite cheerful
    indeed".  I recommend the longer distances where you can appreciate the
    mind set. It's hard to appreciate it on a one hour workout in the
    neighborhood...but the g-forces make *me* look quite cheerful indeed too!
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