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    Re: [RC] [RC] Equine Clinicians Compete - Ridecamp Guest

    A. Perez walkergirl@xxxxxxxxxx
      I am not impressed either.  I strongly feel that all horses should have solid ground manners before saddle work begins.  This sort of stunt - and I must call it a stunt - just leadfs people to believe that horse training can be 'qwik-n-eezy'.  I'm sorry, but I think you need, above and beyond anything else, no matter what technique you use, to take TIME to train a horse.
    Going from Never-Worn-a-Halter to working under saddle in under two hours: is that REALLY any better than the old fashioned bucking-bronc style breaking?  What kind of lessons is the horse learning here?  HOw much is he really understanding of what is wanted of him?  When does the melt-down come?  I woulde LOVE to talk to someone who has taken one one of these wonder-horses after one of these 'miracle' sessions!
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