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    [RC] infections in the hoof.... - Colleen Jones

    I am glad that so many of you have had good and quick lay-ups with puncture wounds. My horse, Minimax had a small slice (about the size of your pinky nail) that had a slight odor. I thought it was just a scrape and put meds on it. He came up lame and the nightmare began. Eventually, I found that the bulbs of his heels were VERY infected. You could put the hoofpick in the thin slices at least an inch. We soaked, we wrapped, it was spring and a muddy mess. We called the vet out and he sad your horse isn't THAT lame. What is that supposed to mean???? He doesn't x-ray and we treat. He ends up having to come back out and do it. He sends my meds to the wrong place so the infection gets worse. Long awful story short, he was lame for at least eight weeks. His heels were low and i think that's what caused it for him. He likes to stay outside and the spring dampness irritated the skin. Colleen