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    [RC] Free Horses - Bad Habits - Kari Hanes

    We too are getting a "freebie" this weekend. She's a purebred, 6 yr., registered Arab with Bask lines. My hubby had 3 training sessions with her last fall, so we know she's greenbroke. We went over and saw her last weekend and she's rubbed her entire mane off and the top 6" of her tail (she was starting to grow it back last fall). I can't find any evidence of bugs (fleas, ticks, etc.) and her fur has a dull look to it. Her owner said she rubs it off every summer. Other than that she's looking pretty healthy. We had the vet go out to do an exam and get her up to date on her shots, coggins, etc. he says she's good to go.

    My question to the list is...how do I get her mane to grow back? Is there anything I can put on it to speed the process up. She has been alone in a small wooden paddock for the last few years and rubs on all of it, at our place she'll be out on one of the three acre pastures with electric fencing, other mares and actual grass to eat. I'm hoping my theory of boredom and not being able to act like a horse for a few years is what has caused her constant rubbing.

    Does anyone else have any ideas/suggestions? Is this a habit I can beak? Will it subside once she's put into a more "normal" atmosphere?

    Kari and her barn of "airheads" that I wouldn't trade for the world!

    Montalee Arabians
    Holton, Michigan

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