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SUV's For Hauling Horses.

I was recently in the market for this very thing so I asked two people who I 
thought might know something about this.  One is a friend who hauls horses 
for a living and the other is my mechanic.
Both guys said the same thing.
Get the GMC/Chevy Suburban 3/4 ton.

They each independently said:
The longer wheelbase is a necessity to keep the trailer from fishtailing.  
The 3/4 ton is more powerful of course, but also comes with the heavy duty 
towing package, including the heavier brakes, stiffer suspension, etc.
That's what I bought.
It's very maneuverable and this was a concern of mine since I wasn't used to 
driving something of this size.
To save on cost I bought an older one but I had my mechanic check it over 
first. It passed with flying colors and now I LOVE it so much that I even 
drive it around town with the dogs in the back.  They love the room.
I couldn't be happier with my new/used Suburban.

Good Luck,

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