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AERC ride fees

Following is information that I will be adding to the Ride 
Managers page at the AERC site. Some of these fees have 
changed for the 2002 ride season.


Ride Manager fees are as follows:
Ride Sanction:  One distance $25.00

Two distances    $35.00
      Add $10 for each additional distance.

Rates are same for resanction as a new ride.
      Note: If more than one day, use separate application for
each day (exception: 2-day 100)

      Starting Riders:      $4 per rider per day
      Day Member Fee: $10 per rider per day - No AERC number
      Drug Testing Fee:  $ 1 per rider per day

(exception:  California Rides pay fees of $3 per horse 
   per event directly to the State of California, Department
of Food and Agriculture Animal Health Branch

Per AERC Rule 2.1.2, All Veterinarians providing control 
(Control Veterinarians are all veterinarians employed by 
ride management to uphold the AERC rules. A veterinarian 
supplying treatment only does not need to be an AERC member) 
services to AERC sanctioned rides must be member of the AERC
(under either the full membership or veterinary membership 

Veterinary Dues:  $20 per year.

Per AERC Rule 11.3, The Ride Manager must be an AERC member. 
  Dues:  $65 per year.

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