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RE: Help me pull

>Also, the SUV's just don't have the weight to be safe tow vehicles.  I wouldn't
>tow anything with live cargo with an SUV, personally, but if you feel you have
>to, get something light like a Brenderup.

I agree with Heidi on all points.

My friend pulls around 2400 lbs. in horse weight in her Brenderup up and
down hills with a Dodge Durango just fine.

But that said, I just got a new truck (F-150) for pulling and hauling and am
surprized that it rides and drives quite nice. It has an extended cab with
regular seats and is quite comfortable. I got the biggest engine and payload
package I could get and sacrficed the interior creature comforts. I'm in hog

Trucks are generally cheaper than SUV's and much more versatile and more
appropriate for hauling (better tow packages, heavy duty components
available). I don't know why SUV's are so popular, frankly.


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