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Towing Vehicles

Title: Towing Vehicles

Re:  Brakes – most trailers have electric brakes, huh?  Does this enter into this equation?  But yes, coming down off of Highway 9 I felt like the brakes were training.

Stabilizer bars – I think this depends on the truck-trailer combo.  If the truck has a long enough wheel base stabilizer bars may not be necessary for a smaller trailer.  My trailer also has rubber torsion axles, which makes hauling it real smooth.   You’ve seen my trailer, it’s a 2 horse but it’s definitely bigger than a Miley.  The only people I know that have stabilizer bars drive a Jeep Cherokee hauling a Miley.  Everyone else is hauling a two horse trailer fine without stabilizer bars with their full size pickups.  We are talking about those extra gizmos that go from the trailer tongue to the attach to the truck besides the hitch ball and safety chains, huh?  Or are we talking about something different?  I know I DON’T have stabilizer bars and have been hauling for 3 years over sometimes very windy steep roads without having a problem.

I totally agree about the ton to ton thing.  I often wish I got a “bigger” truck  (like the diesel dually), but since it’s also my primary commute vehicle I opted for a mere ton.  Next time around, I’ll get a bigger truck and then get an economy car to run around with…. Someone want to adopt me?


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