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Fwd: RC: Running Martingales


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I was riding my boy all summer in a running martingale and french link snaffle.  I had his teeth done in Dec.  by a dental vet and found out that the bars in his mouth had severe bone spurs on them..  I now have to put him back in a S hack for a year or so until the spurs heal.  The bone spurs were caused by too heavy of a hand and his pulling up on the RM.  He is very hollow in his back and is rigid in the neck.  Most of this would have been prevented if I had trained him to give to the bit properly.  I take full responsibility for all of his problems. Now I need to find out how to fix them.  He needs to start rounding his back and using his rear as well as lowering his head carriage.  If you have any suggestions,  I would greatly appretiate them.  Beccy in cold and snowy Roy Ut.
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