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Re: Re: ROC

OK, So a couple of years ago a friend was a mere 2 min. overtime at Michigan bluff. Should she have gotten slack. Should I get slack if I am 1 min overtime on the ROC???  ( Which I am not going to) Or 1 min overtime at Tevis, or should I have not bothered to hurry the last  1/2 mile of a LD  local fun day, so we got a completion???  Should we just all start expecting slack, 1min. and so if she/he gets one min why cant I have 30?? And what the heck, why not just take shortcuts so we can all arrive on time???  What a slap to the ride managers who work so hard to do it all rite, to take care of all the paperwork, and give us all these great rides we so enjoy, keep track of our little accomplishments, and miles, etc. And well its OK to cut slack to somebody who has obviously been a tad less than candid, and asked for entry money, with the statement of "sanctioning pending" when it is not. And who has remained conspicuously silent in this discussion.  Geezzee Steve, I know you like to argue,  but at least pick a side that has a reasonable point of view.  Annie G.  
 Anne George Saddlery  
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From: Steve Shaw
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Yes Bob, in a strict, very strict sensed society this may be the case,
but ROC is hardly 'any other ride manager' and if a ride of this
prestige or quality wants or needs some slack they I say that AERC, FEI
and USe can bend some.

Then why bother with the rules?... Do they only apply to some?...   Yes.

Rules are made for the majority, and sometimes there are too many rules.

mb, I won't vote for you next year.....


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