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Re: RE: Running Martingales

Title: Running Martingales
Kathy wrote:
>>You are absolutely right on this point about using the seat.  But this horse has will just lean against the bit and fight when I set my hands if  he's in race horse mode.<<
Any horse will lean against set hands, race horse mood or not.  That's why you use a "give and take", not a steady pull, to stop a horse.
>>This is a horse with strong race horse genetics, remember? Like several generations of selection for flat racing in Russia and Poland, huh?<<
Don't get much racier-bred than my bred in the Purple Thoroughbred.  He events in a snaffle.  It's about schooling, not braking power.
>>I, too, am thinking that the kimberwicke would be better ergonomically.
For your purposes (you aren't jumping, and the horse is, I think, on a loose contact most of the time) it might be.  I'm still not convinced though.
>>I bet most of the pathologies you mention come from incorrrect usage of the device, rather than the device itself.
Actually, I agree with Heidi here.  The difference between a RM and other gadgets is that the RM is independent of the rider's hands, and so it sits there, and you can't control the effect it has, as you can with a Market Harborough / draw reins, etc, which can be loosened by giving with the hands.  Okay, so the last-mentioned gadgets have a more direct action, when they are applied, but I think you'll see how the RM could cause the pathologies, even if used "correctly".  And let's not even go where people don't fit them properly.

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