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Running Martingales

Title: Running Martingales

Funny we would be discussing this, because I just order my first running martingale from Go The Distance as part of my new “color change” for Beau.  I never used one before, but thought I would try it for my racy guy, just for the heck of it.  I’ve been using a french link snaffle, and decided I need more brakes because I pretty much sored his mouth trying to hold him back on the last day of DVE.  I purchased a kimberwicke also.  Dom thought that I should try the RM with the french link first before going to the kimberwicke (without the RM first), but then again, Becky Hart, my instructor when I slow down enough to take a lesson, uses kimberwickes or Tteam bit and no RMs. 

I haven’t tried either method yet – and I’m sure that different things work differently for each horse in different situations.  I also use an S-hack or a sidepull for casual trail riding.  I can ride Beau around the ranch Parelli style with rope halter and one rein, but ain’t gonna do it for a race!


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