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Re: RC: LD Rider Standings

At 06:17 PM 1/16/02 -0800, you wrote:
In the Standings Section of the Endurance News, in the National Limited Distance Mileage Championship,  I only see reported the Top Three riders. Most other standings list the Top Ten. Why are LD riders "cheated" on the report? It would be nice to see more names.

Hi Lauren:

There are probably a few reasons for it. If they were to list the top ten highest mileage LD riders, they would probably end up with a multiple-way tie for 10th place.  Sort of like how it works out with the LD Best Condition category -- there are an awful lot of people in there with just one BC.  If they gave out awards for every rider who got one BC on any ride, it would make for a lot of awards.  Also, on the National Mileage by the time they got down to 10th place they would likely be awarding mileage to people who rode 100 miles or less.  If that were the case, then it would demean the meaning of a "National Award".  I can tell you from first hand experience that it's pretty dang hard to get into a National category (and, it should be, there is a lot of great competition out there!).  At least this year, the lowest LD rider in the top three did 395 miles.  If I had ridden Rocky in just one more ride, he would have ranked 10th in the national mileage category.  He did 1200 miles this year.  But I blew it, and rode Weaver all 3 days at Silver State because I wanted to ensure that at least one horse made it into a National category.  I'm happy with that, tho if I had just alternated them at that one last ride, they both would have been there.  So, LD riders who did say 350 miles this year shouldn't feel cheated.  Just lucky that they had the opportunity to get to ride! 

Happy Trails,  Karen

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