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Re: RC: Trailer Shopping

Hi Bonnie,

I bought an Exiss, 3 horse with large dressing room. The horse compartment 
isn't fully enclosed, two slats at the top. I really like it. It pulls great. 
My only complaint, is when I put in the Plexiglas during the cooler months, 
it makes a lot of noise for the horses. 
I looked and looked for a used aluminum one, but they were not to be had. 
And, when I did find one it was almost as expensive as a new one, so just bit 
the bullet. <g>

I'm thinking of selling my Merhow with LQ for a bigger one. It is just 24' 
long, (handy) 10' LQ, mid-tack, two horse slant. I really love this trailer, 
and if I could find another like it, I'd go for it. It is  FRP and built good 
and solid, nice and quite for the horses too, plus a good ride. Lots of 
goodie's to make camping a pleasure. So, you might find a good used trailer 
with LQ already in it for what you will be paying for a new aluminum one 
without LQ in it.
Just a thought.

Jan ~ KY

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