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Hi guys -

My name is Veronica and I live in the foothills in California (grassvalley 
area). I subscribe and read all of the wonderful postings.  I to have horse 
quarter horse I team penn  and trail ride and have done 2 endurance rides. 
Great sport..

I have noriced that the subject of dogs has come up quite alot recently.  
Today an awful thing happened at my place I have 4 dogs 2 females and 2 
males.  Holley who adopted us last year and our puppy shiloh got into a 
really really bad dog fight and a very difficult descion has been mad e and 
that is Holly needs a home fast. She is a wonderful dog she loves people but 
is a 1 dog house hold type. Please does anyone want her we have had her 
spayed shots and heartworm tested and on monthly preventitive. The vet says 
Holly is about 2 years old she is a lab mix. The sad thing is 
she and shiloh really love each other and she will be greatly missed. please 
call me at 530-639-2388 or cell 530-559-6335 I will deliver her to whoever 
wants a very loving dog.


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