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Saddle Gall for Guy People

Ok, so I'm weighing in a bit late. But I'll toss in my
2 pennies anyway. The question concerns men avoiding
saddle sores.

#1 Jeans, or any other trousers with an inseam, worn
by themselves are not a riding option for long rides.
They won't work because the galls are cause by any
kind of a ruck in the fabric rubbing between skin and
saddle. The old time cowboys wore long handles year
'round as a help for this (that's my theory anyway).
Best bet is seamless breeches or tights.

Yeah, I know. Today's cowboys would laugh him out of
the rodeo. But at least he would have a chapped @$$.
So, the next best thing I've heard of is to wear
tights under the jeans. This won't do away with the
bumps in the fabric, but they won't be next to the
skin.  The nylon of the tights makes for a less
frictive surface, too. I haven't tried this, because I
do wear breeches.

#2 Padding the saddle seat. Sheepskin was invented by
God to help prevent saddle gall. Really. Actually,
since it provides a non-frictive cushioning layer
between the seat and the saddle, it helps reduce the
rucks--bumps--in the cloth. I don't personally like
gel-pad. I used one for two of my LD rides last year
and was galled each time by the ridge at the edges, so
I finally wised up and stopped using it.

Final word (from me, anyway). If he's going to wear an
inner layer (e.g. tights or underwear), then it should
be seamless or flat seamed and fairly close fitting.
Loose undies make for rucks, which make for saddle
galls (or blisters in the case of socks). Good luck,
and I wish you all the best.

Jim Beidle

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