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Re: Saddle Gall for Guy People

My husband, who is very much a jeans person, was experiencing raw patches on
the inside of his knees during long rides.  I bought him a comfy pair of
O'Keahy's cotton-lycra tights with aqua-suede knee patches.  He looked
askance at them, but I said, "Try 'em, you'll like 'em."  He did, and voila!
no more galled knees.  He has marvelous muscular legs for tights, and I told
him so.  Anyway, comfort won over vanity in this case.


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> Ok, so I'm weighing in a bit late. But I'll toss in my
> 2 pennies anyway. The question concerns men avoiding
> saddle sores.
> #1 Jeans, or any other trousers with an inseam, worn
> by themselves are not a riding option for long rides.
> They won't work because the galls are cause by any
> kind of a ruck in the fabric rubbing between skin and
> saddle. The old time cowboys wore long handles year
> 'round as a help for this (that's my theory anyway).
> Best bet is seamless breeches or tights.
> Yeah, I know. Today's cowboys would laugh him out of
> the rodeo. But at least he would have a chapped @$$.
> So, the next best thing I've heard of is to wear
> tights under the jeans. This won't do away with the
> bumps in the fabric, but they won't be next to the
> skin.  The nylon of the tights makes for a less
> frictive surface, too. I haven't tried this, because I
> do wear breeches.
> #2 Padding the saddle seat. Sheepskin was invented by
> God to help prevent saddle gall. Really. Actually,
> since it provides a non-frictive cushioning layer
> between the seat and the saddle, it helps reduce the
> rucks--bumps--in the cloth. I don't personally like
> gel-pad. I used one for two of my LD rides last year
> and was galled each time by the ridge at the edges, so
> I finally wised up and stopped using it.
> Final word (from me, anyway). If he's going to wear an
> inner layer (e.g. tights or underwear), then it should
> be seamless or flat seamed and fairly close fitting.
> Loose undies make for rucks, which make for saddle
> galls (or blisters in the case of socks). Good luck,
> and I wish you all the best.
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> Jim Beidle
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