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Re: RC: Question for the guys

In a message dated 01/13/2002 11:12:02 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<<  I've got a question, on my Dad's behalf.  We went on a ride -
 loooonnngg slow distance (pre rodeo trail ride practice - 12 miles,
 taking 7 hours!).  My Dad had sores on his behind when we were done. 
 We're wondering about anything and everything that we can do to make that
 long of a time in a saddle be more comfortable and not cause soreness. 
 Anyone have any suggestions??  We're going to ride with Valley Lodge on
 the last day of the trail ride through Houston prior to the Houston
 Livestock Show & Rodeo on February 9th.  

Now I've never tried them but Jerry Frueth swears that panty hose helps him!!!


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