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joint supplements

I've tried various joint supplements for my gelding.  Corta-Flex worked 
very well, and while it now lists MSM as an ingredient, a vet friend of 
mine called the company and the molecule used doesn't test.  I used 
EquinylCM and it works well but not any better and does have MSM so 
can't be used during competition.
What I have had the best luck with for the price is Equine America's 
Super-Flx that I buy through Jeffers.  I had my gelding on something 
else without as high of an amount of the glucosamine and chondroitin and 
can really tell a difference.  I have him back on the Super-Flx now and 
I'm sure will see improvement again within the week.
If you are using a supplement you like but it contains MSM or yucca, and 
want to rotate off for rides, you may want to give this a try.  Or if 
you don't want to use the MSM or yucca (which has aspirin-like 
qualities), the Super-Flx may do it for you.  Last year when I tried 
different things, I'd gone back to the Super-Flx and the vet at a ride 
who knows my horse said he was more flexible than she'd felt him for a 
while.  So that alone lets me know it's working!  And while none of the 
joint supplements are cheap, that one is one of the most economical too, 
which is a nice plus!
Mickie (OH)

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