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Down Horse Update

Well, it has been a long haul. Scimitar is still holding his own. He
sits like a dog now and spins around in a circle to exercise. He has far
more head and neck control than before. He hates being on his left side
so when we turn him each day, he waits until we are out of sight and
flips himself back over to his right side. Much of the time we find him
sitting up, resting on his front elbows. We have deep straw bedding and
we drug him into the barn during the last horrible rainstorm--- he went
very willingly as we flipped him onto plywood and then heaved ho with
the help of a neighbor and my son, my husband and me. It would have been
comical to watch, had it not been pouring down buckets. We were falling
all over each other.
Anywho, we are still doing Ttouch with him and have added
neurokinesiology, having located Michel Kaplan and one of his
assistants. We have used the laser and energy work as well. I now have a
chiropractor doing vector-craniel work on him. As I am not made of
money, I am trading out horse baby-sitting and web site design for much
of the treatments.
Hal son (I call him---he looks so much like his dad who I lost last
year) has kept such a positive attitude. Eats like a pig--- I wish he
would drink more but I now know where they got the saying "you can lead
a horse to water but..." He is still so very sweet, although sometimes
at night he can get a little cranky, like when we are pulling him over
onto his other side, etc. Can't say as I blame him. All this poking and
prodding and I just really have to believe somehow he knows it is to
help him get better. I guess he does know that on some level or he
wouldn't knicker to me each time I go to him. He got a boom box for
Christmas so he could listen to Enya and Simon and Gar. Still begs for
carrots and grain.
Guess it is just a matter of time and patience. Nerves can regenerate
and he can and does stand from time to time--- its just that he seems to
have vertigo which could go as the nerves repair themselves or if the
little coplia bone (sp?) broke, perhaps it just needs time to heal
completely. Has anyone had experience with vertigo?
I know in my heart that this will have a happy ending. He must, too.
When he gets cranky at night, I remind him that he must want to live or
he could just stop eating and drinking--- no sign of that-- the boy is a
Happy trails
Bette Lamore
Whispering Oaks Arabians, Home of 16.2hh TLA Halynov	
(Yes, really 16.2!)

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