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    Re: [RC] No Go Solo LONG... sorry.. - amber applegate

    This opens up a sore subject with me. And that is firing guns off a horse. I
    suppose the Mounted Police have to do that, although, I still don't like it
    under any circumstances. I had my ear drums blown out by gunfire. I still
    have limited hearing and it is maddening to have this problem at this time
    in my life. Imagine how it affects a horse with hearing abilities probably
    10 times as sensitive as our own.
    I live in cougar country and some two legged varmits as well hang out in the
    mountains where I ride. I always carry a revolver. My horses are not trained
    to gunshot, but if I was in that situation, I would fire and take my chances
    on the horse and my ability to hang in there rather than "Teach" my horse to
    lose his hearing using gunfire. So does that mean I would put my life down
    for my horse?  I dunno, but having hearing loss due to gunfire is a real
    bummer. Something I would not do to my horses. And Blanks can be quite loud
     But at the end of the two days we were firing pistols (blanks) from the
    backs of our horses
    > without so much as a step being taken!
    >   > Linda
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