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    [RC] Start - Rides 2 Far

    > and creating more and more rules simply because we have some 
    > personal gripe against a particular person. 
    Annie, no offense but I think you've got it backwards.  It seems that
    those who want these starts recorded are people who do *not* know the
    people involved, and those who are defending the practice are defending
    it because they are very fond of the people involved.  It's no better to
    defend something wrong because you are a good friend of a nice person who
    is involved than to go on a personal vendetta against an enemy. 
    I don't want anyone's head on a platter. I don't want a long tedious
    "decision" from the P&G committee makes these people feel bad. I'd just
    like a statement from AERC like Jackie said, "clarifying" rules we
    already have so that everyone will be running things the same.  
    Let's use your example, a person goes out one mile on the 2nd day of a
    multi-day and pulls. Here's what I'd like to see. The ride manager is
    *welcome* to refund the part of their entry that was his, but go ahead
    and list them as a starter and pay AERC. Yes, the person got a pull on
    their record and the ride had one more "did not finish" listed.  When I
    look at the records I see, "hmm, I guess it does wear on horses to go day
    after day" and I'll figure that in to my reasoning if I plan to do a
    multi-day someday.  
    The person gets a pull.  If they value their completion record next time
    they may be a little more conservative in deciding whether to start that
    day.  If you knew something was wrong one mile down the trail...did you
    not know something was wrong in warm up?  No big deal...just accurate
    record keeping all around.
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