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    [RC] signs: - dpwg

    Hi all!
    Pat Gifford here in Kansas
    I have come across some white cardboard from work.
    I have been making various signs with it.
    Thought some of you ride managers could use them.
    Size is 8" x 20". I make a sign that says
    AERC    (in 3" letters)
    You can put an arrow to the right of this as there is plenty of room.
    I have 8 that are laminated and 8 that are not.
    If you are interested in them I will ship to your address.
    You pay S/h costs only.
    In the future I can make signs that have the lettering on the right (for
    the left turn signs)
    so the arrow can be put on the left.
    There will be a endless supply of this cardboard. I just have to be
    patient to get it.
    You could hang this from a tree, post or stick a wire up into the
    corrugation of the board.
    Tacking it onto a sawhorse would be another idea.
    If you want I can put reflective tape on them for the arrows.
    I also make reflective arrow pie plates for direction in a ride.
    These could be used at night in conjunction with a light stick .
    Anyone interested can contact me privately.
    On another note: Lisa and Susan I have been loving your discussions on
    and nutrients. I need to get my pasture analyzed.
    Pat and Casper in Kansas
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