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    [RC] small poops - Sullivan

    Okay, yes, a legitimate question, albeit a stupid one.....but hopefully will establish type of horse suitable or not suitable for distance riding.....
    My daughters pure Arab is well built and very athletic, (we thought great endurance prospect) but  also a very hard keeper, picky eater, etc.  I have noticed, especially on camp trips and the few rides she has been to; that she has a reduced manure load compared to the other horses, doesn't eat and drink as much and-well, her poops are just smaller!!! 
    So I am interested in some scientific explanation for this!!! Is her digestive system narrower or smaller, to produce poops that are half the size of a normal horse?  This is the mare that has, all night, three types of hay to choose from, irrigated green grass, and a huge tub of grain.  Between the Panacur purge several months ago, and Fastrack (thanks to Sue G.), we finally have some nice cover and weight on this mare.
    Why I asked-we are at home; horse is well hydrated, and last night ate quite a bit of hay and all her huge tub of grain and beetpulp.  I watched her poop, and out come little tiny poops....why?  Inquiring minds want to know.