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    RE: [RC] Starts - John A. Teeter

    Seems to me that you are projecting  a future where the number of starters that may be miss-reported to the AERC is extremely large and that this problem will overwhelm the ability of AERC to perform its records keeping function. This challenges the personal integrity of every ride manager who chooses to sanction with AERC. This is not a warrented nor a reasonable assertion.
    You should, if you feel as you seem to express in this message, initiate a protest based on rule 16.3. It is only through the protest and grievance procedure that one goes beyond the AERC self policing mechanism. 
    Broad generalizations about precident and unfounded pessimistic views of future systemic woes in a public form are of no consequence.
    To file a protest, you must be a member of AERC and back your opinion with $100 (refundable if your assertions in protest are upheld).
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    BUT, I would say if the RM kept the entry fee -- it's a start and AERC fee should be paid.

        It is a "start" if the rider procedes beyond the start point.  Period.

        Furthermore,  it is not up to the a RM to decide what $$ AERC "needs" . That job is for the BOD and the BOD decided  AERC needed the $$ a long time a go when they mandated a starters fee. I'm sure Bob will correct me if I am wrong, but I beleive the fee is determined by starters as opposed to finishers. Right?  If an RM wants AERC sanctioning then RM should abide by AERC procedures, if an RM wants to run a casual laid back ride, then maybe RM should consider a "walkie/talkie" ride.

        This particular incident probably won't cause AERC any financial grief, but how many times has it happened before?  Now that other RM's know it is being done, how many will say "Oh, so & so never sends in starter fees, so I guess I won't either. "  Now we will have a precedent.  

        Those of you that like to dwell on completion stats for rides such as Tevis & OD, you can kiss that good bye, because we can't be sure how many riders did in fact start the ride.  Were some left off because they only went 50 feet and horse tied up or because their horse went lame ( 15 miles out) coming into the 1st VC, so they just went right to their trailer? There has to be some standards.


    Jackie Baker

    Re: [RC] Starts, EquesB