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    [RC] How about a new topic? Question - SandyDSA

    Here you go - try this on and tell me what you might do. Our now 6 year old 15.1 hand Fadjur mare who is delightfully sweet and quiet and smooth as silk to ride - very nice on trail just is NOT in my opinion ready for competition. After a 14 miel ride in the dark last night on our stallion, I had thought - "no WAY I would ride Hasan out here like this". Very much like her 27 year old "Auntie" at this age, Hasan fiddles with everything near her mouth, throws her nose about when bored and likes to sight-see. We call her  "the Tourist". Clearly she needs both some wet blankets and perhaps another year to mature. We have two people asking about breed leasing her which of course takes her out of competition AND conditioning for about a year total, since she can of course still be ridden for training purposes for months to come.  Here is the dilemma - my alternatives to compete will be:

    1. black 5 year old who is actually more mature in her demeanor but a year younger - to me must take less physical stress. I like my horses to LAST a while!

    2. 16 year old mare we call the "Jackhammer" because she hits rather hard in her strident way of going. She is strong and fast (was first at Warner in 2001 under another rider due to me being in and out of emergency for months), due to foal for a client in about 3-4 weeks so I could have her ready in 4-5 months - BUT - I wouldn't EVER plan on riding her more than about 30 miles - she just hits too hard. I like my own teeth!

    3. 17 year old stallion, perfect competition horse but because of his long battle with endocarditis two seasons ago, I don't know is he could or SHOULD go 50 ever again. He is about 30-35 mile fit right now. Besides, as quiet as HE is, riding him is always more intense to me because of all the other horses who like to cuddle up to him whilst their riders chit chat or whatever - just more work for me.

    Okay - what would YOU do - ride the Jackhammer, the Old Man or continue to butt heads with the Tourist? Oh - and the Tourist is of course going to be an income-producing member of the family if she is breed leased.

    Sandy (who HATES to have too many choice!)