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    RE: [RC] What Constitutes a Start? - Steph Teeter

    says Truman: Using your logic and drawing from this particular incident
    where the
    party was seen about five miles into the ride then every RM in the
    country could just set up a point 5 miles down the trail and let all
    those that for whatever reason didn't want to go on pull from the ride
    without any record. If 5 is okay, then why is 10 or 15 or 20?  Are you
    telling me you think this is in the letter and/or sprit of the AERC rules?
    No, I think it is a pretty standard procedure to count anybody that begins
    the physical course as a 'starter'. But in order to file a protest or
    grievance, you need something more concrete than 'but this isn't the way
    it's supposed to be done. '
    I'm probably getting myself into deep trouble here ... and I am NOT
    promoting the deletion of 'sort of starters' from the official start list.
    But I don't see any rules being broken. Just protocol, and maybe a 'by
    default' policy. I don't see that there is anything concrete to be
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    Re: [RC] What Constitutes a Start?, Truman Prevatt