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    Re: [RC] re: electric fence - Maggie & David

    >As far as solar goes, I talked to the salesman at my local Southern States
    about them, and he said they are not good for large areas and don't pack as
    much of a punch as plug-in or battery models, and of course won't work well
    in cloudy weather.
    I have a six-volt solar charger. The directions say it will charge 20 miles
    of fence for 30 days without sun. I don't live in the Arctic circle, so I
    don't foresee ever having a problem. It doesn't pack the punch that the old
    plug-in did, but the horses are already trained to know that electric fence
    tape is not something they want to touch, so they don't go near it. And I
    can put it anywhere without worrying about where an outlet is. This is
    important, since I don't have electric in the barn and my ancient house has
    no outside outlets.
    Maybe borrow a plug-in type for a few days until the horses learn to respect
    the fence. Days go by that I forgot to turn the fence back on after feeding
    time. I have put up temporary dividers in the field using flagging tape.
    They've never noticed that it isn't 'hot'. So low power isn't really a
    problem once the horses are trained.
    Maggie Pritchard
    Under a Shooting Star Farm
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