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    Re: [RC] What constitutes a start? - Truman Prevatt

    I don't think there needs to be a rule. Even the president of the United States can have problems with definitions of certain words. Bill Clinton needed the word "sex" defined. I guess some ride managers need the word "start" defined.


    Cheryl & Randy Winter wrote:
    If the idea of starting a ride is being abused, I agree <sigh> we need to
    make the rule. Hopefully and IMO this has just been a discussion prompted
    by events that were unclear and there is no problem.
    Randy Winter

    From: "Heidi Smith" <heidi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
    Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2002 18:08:18 -0600
    To: "Cheryl & Randy Winter" <cherylrandy@xxxxxxx>, "ride camp"
    <ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, <renegade12@xxxxxxxx>
    Subject: Re: [RC] What constitutes a start?

    If the concept of starting is being abused, perhaps we need to rule that
    RM's have to define and designate a physical starting point. One would
    think that such a concept could go without saying, but apparently not, in
    some circles. We used to think that finish lines would go without saying,
    but we had to make a rule about that one, too.... <sigh>

    Re: [RC] What constitutes a start?, Cheryl & Randy Winter