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    RE: [RC] What constitutes a start? - Bob Morris

    Well Truman, I can see Bill's problem with the definition as that word is confusing from childhood on. I mean it is often hard to decide which on the person is any more and I understand that there are more than two now.
    But start does not have that confusion. It is definite from childhood on. The meaning is imbued by parents "right from the start"!

    Bob Morris
    Morris Endurance Enterprises
    Boise, ID

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    I don't think there needs to be a rule. Even the president of the United States can have problems with definitions of certain words. Bill Clinton needed the word "sex" defined. I guess some ride managers need the word "start" defined.


    Cheryl & Randy Winter wrote:
    If the idea of starting a ride is being abused, I agree <sigh> we need to
    make the rule. Hopefully and IMO this has just been a discussion prompted
    by events that were unclear and there is no problem.
    Randy Winter

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    Subject: Re: [RC] What constitutes a start?

    If the concept of starting is being abused, perhaps we need to rule that
    RM's have to define and designate a physical starting point. One would
    think that such a concept could go without saying, but apparently not, in
    some circles. We used to think that finish lines would go without saying,
    but we had to make a rule about that one, too.... <sigh>

    Re: [RC] What constitutes a start?, Truman Prevatt