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    [RC] pulls and how we view them - Teresa Van Hove

    Have to say I cant quite relate to the strong negative view of pulls
    that so many seem to have.  Maybe if my next horse starts 'clean' I'll
    worry more about messing up a perfect record.  Grey and I havent got any
    high standard to maintain, so we are just having fun, and as long as his
    soundness and health are not compromised I'm not too upset by a pull
    here and there, and I guarantee that they dont worry him any.
    But it seems that the majority think there's something wrong with a
    horse or with the rider if they have more than a couple of pulls.  What
    if they pulled or were pulled 6-7 times?  Is this a bad horse or a bad
    rider?  What if I told you the same horse has 5000 miles including a
    couple of Tevis completions? (This is NOT Grey, we only have ~1100 miles
    and no 1 day 100s) I bet most folks would be surprised to learn that
    this horse/rider has more than one or two pulls.  Hey if every horse
    could complete 100% of the time, 'to finish is to win' would not have
    too much meaning would it?
    my .02 cents for the week,
    Teresa Van Hove , #M17417
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