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    Re: [RC] About the easyboots - Karen

    At 02:19 PM 07/09/2002 -0400, you wrote:
    Great pictures and descriptions Karen!  Thanks for writing
    up all about easyboots and how to put them on with and
    without foam.


    However, the pictures and descriptions left a few things
    out.  Could you fill these in for us?

    Sure, no problem. I may start saving all of the answers to the questions I get and put them up on a FAQ.

    The site goes from foam in the boot to a horse (Weaver?)
    with 4 foamed on boots.  Can we get some pictures of the
    in between stages?  Or don't you spill the stuff on your
    new breaches anymore?  ;-)

    Those boots were foamed on for the 20 Mule Team 100 in February. I had space constraints on the EN article (I could have made it much more detailed). It will be easier to put up several more photos on the website and I'll try to get that done in the coming few weeks. Basically, putting a boot on with foam in it is the same as putting on one without - that is why I didn't duplicate the process of showing the boot being put on the horse (since you would have a hard time seeing the foam in it anyway).

    One suggestion about putting the foamed boot on -- let it start to set up a little so that it isn't in a complete liquid state. Then, when you tilt the boot or the horse moves his foot the wrong way it won't be as likely to spill out. The warmer the outside temp, the faster the foam sets. In February when we foamed on those boots I had to use a hair dryer and a heated wet towel to keep the foam warm. It was below freezing outside.

    You show how to remove non-foamed easyboots, but what about
    foamed on ones?  How DO you remove the foamed on boots from
    those hooves?

    With a large flathead screwdriver. Gradually pry your way around -- between the boot and the hoof. Be extra careful if you are prying the boot off of a barefoot horse. Soak the hoof after you pop up the buckle and loosen the foam all the way around. I do it in stages. I now know that it is okay to keep the foamed on boots on my horses for 2+ weeks at a time so even if I do a 5 day ride I can take the boots off at my leisure over the next week. I would not recommend leaving boots on a horse with a heel strap for that long.

    What about removing foam from the boots?

    Needlenose pliers works the best. Immediately pull the foam out of the boots after they are taken off of the horse. If you can't do it right then, toss the boots into a bucket of water.

    Do you always foam on a brand new set?

    If it's for a one day ride I'll use whatever I have -- tho I usually will only foam on for a 100 (not a 50). If it's for a 5 day ride then I do like to start with a new set. It will vary depending upon the ride I'm doing. If I know it's going to be rocky or hardpacked roads, or there is pavement -- then I really do like to have the boots foamed on.

    Do you reuse boots that have been previously foamed on?


    Do you foam on boots that have been previously foamed on?\


    We ruined a pair of pants (the stuff does NOT come out of whatever you are wearing).
    We had rocks and hay stuck to the boots, fortunately just
    on the outside.

    Well at least you didn't glue your horses 4 feet to anything solid <G>.

    Not start another barefoot thread, but Blue *is* barefoot.
    I have a terrific farrier who is willing to do either shoes
    or barefoot, whatever is best for the horse.  I use
    easyboots every time I ride.  I am getting to the point
    where I need a new set though.  These are starting to look
    a bit worn. Oh, and I do use the teeth as they do not
    damage Blue's hoofwall and they do help keep them on.

    That's great. At least one rider did all 5 days at Schellbourne on a barefoot horse with foamed on easyboots (guess that really makes the horse 'not' barefoot). The amount of wear varies greatly by horse and the terrain you are going over. I usually stop using boots in competition once the tread on the bottom disappears. I've gotten 600 or 700 competition miles out of the same set of boots alternating them between the horses. Usually it works to about 250-500 competition miles per boot.

    One other thing that I do after removing the foam out of used boots -- I wash them off well, then run them thru the top rack in the dishwasher. I just run a whole load of horse tack thru at the same time. It works great. The boots are then in great shape -- ready to be foamed on again.

    Did I get everything? If anybody has any more questions, feel free to ask away. I'll save the answers (most people ask privately) and put them up on a FAQ. Also, over the years I have had people send me some pretty hilarious e-boot stories (I've got a few of my own) -- if anybody has anything like that send it too and I'll organize it all. use this email: nvrider@xxxxxxxxxxx


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    [RC] About the easyboots, Magnumsmom