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    [RC] Michela Ling endurance saddles @ Red Rock & Tevis - Ridecamp Guest

    Liz Henry liz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi all,
    Quick note to let you know that we will have our wonderful Michela Ling saddles from the UK at the Red Rock ride this weekend and also at Robie Equestrian Park on July 19th. Look for the brand new 4-Star gooseneck 3-H aluminum trailer with the green Michela Ling logos.
    If you will not be there, check out their website: www.michelaling.co.uk
    I completed Tevis last year using this saddle and received compliments from the vets on the condition of my horse's back and last but not least, I was also very comfortable. If luck is with me again this year, we will do the same :-)
    Happy Trails,
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