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    [RC] About the easyboots - Magnumsmom

    Great pictures and descriptions Karen!  Thanks for writing
    up all about easyboots and how to put them on with and 
    without foam.
    However, the pictures and descriptions left a few things
    out.  Could you fill these in for us?
    The site goes from foam in the boot to a horse (Weaver?) 
    with 4 foamed on boots.  Can we get some pictures of the 
    in between stages?  Or don't you spill the stuff on your 
    new breaches anymore?  ;-) 
    You show how to remove non-foamed easyboots, but what about
    foamed on ones?  How DO you remove the foamed on boots from
    those hooves?
    What about removing foam from the boots?
    Do you always foam on a brand new set?
    Do you reuse boots that have been previously foamed on?
    Do you foam on boots that have been previously foamed on?
    Inquiring minds want to know!  I foamed on boots for our
    last ride.  I don't have pictures, but you can use your
    We ruined a pair of pants (the stuff does NOT come out of whatever you are wearing).  
    We had rocks and hay stuck to the boots, fortunately just
    on the outside.  No pavement at our house...
    When I went to remove them, I took the advice of Corry 
    Clinton and used a bit of WD-40 around the top between the
    foam and the hoof to help loosen them up.
    I soaked the boots to try to remove all the foam bits, but
    there is still foam in all my boots.
    Because this is the only set of boots I have for now (minus
    the spare), I have been using them and I'll have to foam
    the same set on again for our next ride.  They have hundreds 
    of miles on them...
    Not start another barefoot thread, but Blue *is* barefoot. 
    I have a terrific farrier who is willing to do either shoes 
    or barefoot, whatever is best for the horse.  I use 
    easyboots every time I ride.  I am getting to the point 
    where I need a new set though.  These are starting to look 
    a bit worn. Oh, and I do use the teeth as they do not 
    damage Blue's hoofwall and they do help keep them on. 
    Thanks for filling in the details if you would!
    :) - Kathy Myers
    in Santa Fe, NM
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