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    Re: [RC] GPS - Truman Prevatt

    Unless you are riding in pretty flat, open terrain - no follage cover, no valleys, no hills, etc.- the GPS won't do much of a job with what you want since your satellite coverage will be limited. On a ride last year I turned my on doing a 24 mile loop just for grins. This loop was pretty open - no trees - but there was enough blockage from hills and valleys that the 24 miles ended up showing up as 11 on the unit.

    Great tool for what it was designed to do but it does take some judgement in reading the results.


    April Johnson wrote:

    So do we need to clear it with ride management to use a GPS on the trail? I've never done a ride with a GPS, but I'm training with one and was planning to use it on my next ride in September.

    I think it's a great tool and I can't see how rule 6 would proclude its use. It's not a human, vehicle, or another horse. It's just a big calculator to me that tells me how far I've gone, how fast I'm going, and my average speed. I can get that by looking at the trail map and my watch, right? Gonna ban my watch and trail map? And the GPS has the added benefit of getting me back to camp if I get lost for some reason. (Anybody can follow an arrow, right? :) ). The GPS just allows me to concentrate on my horse and the trail without having to do annoying calculations in my head to see how fast/far we've gone.

    Just curious. I don't get the endurance news. I'm planning on getting my membership in December.

    April (That thing on my head? It's the antenna to my horse's speedometer!)
    Tanna (Trot, trot, trot)
    Serts (You look goofy with that thing on your head)
    Daniel (COOL!)


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    [RC] GPS, April Johnson