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    Re: [RC] GPS - April Johnson

    So far my experience with my external antenna attached to the very top of my helmet has given me good coverage for where I ride (SE, hills, foresty type areas). And while mine may not be as accurate given elevation changes, there are GPS units that do take that into account. Granted, it's not AS accurate as it could be, but my point was that it is a valuable tool (to me, maybe not to you) and I don't see how rule 6 would ban its use.


    From: Truman Prevatt <tprevatt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Reply-To: tprevatt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx To: April Johnson <eightylee@xxxxxxxxxxx> CC: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx Subject: Re: [RC] GPS Date: Tue, 09 Jul 2002 09:35:21 -0400

    Unless you are riding in pretty flat, open terrain - no follage cover, no valleys, no hills, etc.- the GPS won't do much of a job with what you want since your satellite coverage will be limited. On a ride last year I turned my on doing a 24 mile loop just for grins. This loop was pretty open - no trees - but there was enough blockage from hills and valleys that the 24 miles ended up showing up as 11 on the unit.

    Great tool for what it was designed to do but it does take some judgement in reading the results.

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