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    Re: [RC] GPS - amber applegate

    I have to differ with that statement, Truman. I ride in nothing but
    mountains, forest, valleys and my garmin gps works great. Why would they
    make them if they couldn't be used in all types of terrain? I carry it
    zipped up in my saddlepack even, it has always recorded everything. Only
    problem I have with it is the batteries use up way too fast. I can only get
    about 7 hours on a set of batteries, even using the battery saving mode.
    So I missed the beginning of this thread, is it not allowed to be used in
    AERC? and if so, why?
    > Unless you are riding in pretty flat, open terrain - no follage cover,
    > no valleys, no hills, etc.- the GPS won't do much of a job with what you
    > want since your satellite coverage will be limited. On a ride last year
    > I turned my on doing a 24 mile loop just for grins. This loop was pretty
    > open - no trees - but there was enough blockage from hills and valleys
    > that the 24 miles ended up showing up as 11 on the unit.
    > Great tool for what it was designed to do but it does take some
    > judgement in reading the results.
    > Truman
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