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    Re: [RC] [RC] Trimming your own horse's feet - Rob

    You are the first person I've ever communicated with that actually has a
    combined experience greater than everybody else I've run into. I guess
    it would be safe to say that you have practical field experience in the
    area being discussed. I'm excited, then what the people doing the study
    were looking at may not have been producing the amount of pain, If any
    they perceived. I just wish I could find out or remember the names of
    the people doing the study. It could have been an undergraduate study or
    post graduate study by one of the students there. I remember the
    information clearly because I took notes during the lecture. I also
    remember sitting there with my chin in my lap due to the numbers they
    were talking. This sounds like an area for a new study, how much
    remodeling of hard tissue can the equine athlete undergo before it
    causes lameness. Better yet, come up with a system of measurement and
    set of limits.
    Thank you so much I actually learned something today! From what you
    described with your horse I probably would have determined that he was
    euthanized due to the findings in his leg had I dissected it .
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