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    Re: [RC] [RC] Trimming your own horse's feet - Heidi Smith

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    Subject: Re: [RC] [RC] Trimming your own horse's feet
    > >Kat Swigert Wrote:
    > >You cannot evaluate soundness in a dead horse....and....get
    > >this....it is a serious mistake to think that it can be told how lame a
    > >horse is by looking at the condition of the bony column and tendons of
    > >its legs.
    Amen to that, kat!
    My foundation stallion Surrabu had a very nasty basilar sesamoid fracture
    when he was 16.  We managed it conservatively, with a support wrap,
    antiinflamatories, and a winter of daily passive flexion.  He had a bit of a
    short stride in that leg after he healed, until he tore loose some adhesions
    when he was 17, was lame for about a week, and re-healed completely sound
    and with a much better range of motion.  I followed the fracture
    radiographically until he was about 20, and it never fully calcified--just
    had a fibrous knit.  The damage to the flexor tendons resulted in about a
    two-inch "projection" of calcified material that went up through the tendons
    and looked kind of like a skinny Christmas tree--REALLY ugly thing in
    tendons on a radiograph....  This horse died sound, in his 20's, and at age
    18 went back on the endurance circuit to Top Ten 5 rides, one of which he
    won.  I'm sure that speculators dissecting his leg later would have assumed
    that he was lame as heck.  I always joked that it was sure a good thing that
    the Old Man couldn't read radiographs...
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    [RC] [RC] Trimming your own horse's feet, Rob
    Re: [RC] [RC] Trimming your own horse's feet, Rob